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Reusable 96-well Micro-Equilibrium Dialysis Devices HTD 96b and HTD96c

HTD96b and HTD96c are unique patented high throughput equilibrium dialysis devices with the following attributes:

• The HTD 96b/c revolutionary patented design combines ease-of-use, versatility, reliability, and precision to expand your options in all micro-equilibrium experiments.
• Multiple applications include: Serum/plasma protein binding studies, microsome protein binding, relative binding of drug to specific tissues, receptor binding studies, and T4 free fraction binding (hyperthyroidism) determinations.
• Cost effectively assay up to 96 samples simultaneously with ready access to both assay and dialysate from the open top of the wells.

• Teflon construction ensures minimal non-specific binding to the apparatus.
• The novel vertical alignment of the dialysis membranes eliminates problems associated with trapped air pockets and permits ready access to both the sample and dialysate sides of the membrane from the top of the apparatus. This feature also ensures easy semi-automation as well as full automation using standard robotic workstations or 96-well pipettors.
• Widely used by leading Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies as well as Universities worldwide, join them and experience the benefits.

Micro-Equilibrium Dialysis Devices

Reusable 12-well Buffer Exchange and Desalting Dialysis Device HTD12a

• 12 well buffer exchange and desalting device
• Teflon block compatible with all HTD96 devices
• Sample volume to dialysate ratio 1:26
• Compatible with all MWCO dialysis membrane strips
• Volume range 50-150 ul

12a Device


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