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Cost Comparisons

HTD96b consumable assay cost per well 8x-25x less than competitors

Devices for equilibrium dialysis fall into two distinct categories: disposable and reusable. Among currently available commercial devices, disposable units process 96 samples simultaneously, while reusable devices process 20 samples simultaneously. In contrast, the HTD 96b is a reusable device that allows simultaneous processing of 96 samples, a unique combination.

A comparison of assay costs underscores the advantages of the HTD 96b system. All cost comparisons are based on publicly available list prices for devices and consumable supplies.

HTD96d Costs

Cost Difference

Figure 1


Figure 1 illustrates the efficiency of the HTDialysis 96b system compared with both disposable and reusable models expressed as the number of assays that can be performed for a $1000 expenditure on consumables. Expressed more directly in the table below is the cost per well of each system.

Cost Per Well

Figure 2

Number of Disposable assays

Figure 2 shows the number of 96-well disposable units (Harvard Biosciences or Pierce RED system), required to completely amortize the capital cost of a HTD 96b. All subsequent assays using the HTD 96b realize the substantial cost per assay savings shown in Figure 1 above. The ease of use and automation compatibility of the HTD 96b are additional advantages beyond the favorable consumable costs.